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About us


Investablish was established in 2009 by dr. Bob Out as a corporate advisory boutique that offers financial, transaction and advisory services to corporate issuers. Investablish also offers investment consultancy to capital providers. In the capital market arena Investablish serves both corporate issuers and capital providers, with the objective to align interests of parties by way of effective and fact-based relationship management to unlock value. Investablish continuously leverages its years of experience in the investment banking industry to further deepen the understanding of capital markets and to expand its network.

Contact details

+31 (0)20 225 29 29
Vijverlaan 2, 1182 BZ Amstelveen

About us

Our Values


We always put our customer's interest on the first place. The dedication and the accountability of our team help us to achieve this.


We believe in growth through passion, which are  the result of our challenges, enjoyment and added value.


At Investablish we strengthen our relationships through a personal, relaxed and reciprocal approach.


Our Services


dr. Bob Out 
Bob started off in the financial market in 1982 as a fund manager for Dutch equities. In 1984 he became partner in Pacific Basin Invest which advised institutional equity investors investing in the Far East. In 1988 Bob founded the Amsterdamse Investerings Bank, that was active in corporate (re)structuring such as MBO's and M&A's. Bob moved in 1991 to Hong Kong where he, amongst other things, advised Chinese companies on IPO’s in the dollar denominated B-share markets in Shenzhen and Shanghai. From 2003 until 2008, Bob was active as an Investor Relations Advisor for large financial institutions. In the recent period, Bob acted as M&A advisor, Investor Relations Officer, Corporate Governance Advisor and hold several interim key management positions.

Bob wrote his Doctor’s thesis titled Transmarket Processes in 1987 about the evolution of the financial markets. His PhD is from VU University Amsterdam. Bob has written a number of academic articles related to the Japanese market and the working of the financial system.

Moreover, Bob is the initiator of Pragma, a nonprofit Brussels’ based think tank for European long-term investors and European policy makers. Bob is a member of the Dutch Association of Investment Professionals (VBA) and participates in the Risk Management Committee.

Founding Partner



Russell Young (Hong Kong Affiliate) 

Russell is responsible for Investablish’s South East Asia initiative and for driving strategic planning and business development in the region. He holds a BCA and MBS and is a specialist in M&A, Financing, Investment and Corporate Strategy with over 25 years of experience in Asia.

Russell has over 15 years of experience in top tier merchant banks such as Schroders Securities International and Nomura Securities International. Russell has headed up a number of Regional Sector Research Teams covering from Asian Utilities to Asian Basic Materials to Asian Mid-Caps. He has achieved widespread recognition for his expertise in multiple sectors and was ranked a top ten Utilities Analyst and a top ten Mid-Caps Analyst per Asiamoney Magazine’s analyst rankings (based upon Asia Fund Manager voting).

In 2006, Russell transitioned to the corporate world where he was a Director of China Vanguard (CVG) and Independent Non-Executive Director of Asia Aluminum. Both were listed companies. In CVG he took leading roles in fund raising, debt restructuring, M&A, corporate strategy, planning and budgeting, working with regulators and investor relations.



Investablish Interactive Learning Center 
The Interactive Learning Center is a brand of Investablish and develops and distributes interactive learning tools for educational, training and assessment purposes. Participants in the online learning tools can test their business, marketing and management skills. On a corporate level, the online learning tools can be used for management development and as team building tool and assessment tools for human resources purposes.


Bob is the initiator of Pragma, a nonprofit Brussels’ based think tank for European long-term investors and European policy makers. Pragma's mission is to conduct research to support policy measures that are aimed to raise the degree of financial stability within the EMU. The perspective of the long-term investor is the starting point of Pragma's analyses.

Pragma's focus is on financial (systemic) risk by incorporating the market discipline in the analysis. To this end, Pragma developed a dynamic risk model with situation-dependent and time-varying parameters. The dynamic risk model incorporates four main determinants to measure the status of financial systems or portfolios: Price, Preference, Probability and Perception.


Cayla Consulting Group 
Regarding M&A Investablish co-operates closely with cayla consulting group, which is headquartered close to Munich in Oberhaching, Germany. Innovative, concise and results-oriented consulting, management + corporate finance solutions are being offered by cayla group mostly to medium sized and larger companies.

With offices in Germany, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States of America, cayla consulting group is an international hands-on management consulting company focusing on initiating, supporting and/or managing strategic + operational changes.


Geelkerken & Geelkerken Advocaten 
Geelkerken & Geelkerken Advocaten is partner and advisor of Investablish regarding legal matters. Geelkerken & Geelkerken Advocaten and Investablish worked together in the area of contract negotiations and the legal aspects when it comes to (re)structuring.


Zeta Corporate Finance 
Regarding Corporate Finance and M&A, Investablish also co-operates with Zeta Corporate Finance, which is headquartered in Amstelveen. Zeta Coporate Finance is an independent corporate finance advisory boutique, providing specialist corporate finance advice to listed and privately owned companies, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

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